Aviation Crashes and Related Incidents 1940

01/01/1940 Lockheed Hudson Mark I N7232 NR-? Of 220 Squadron was damaged by return fire from a Junkers Ju88 and crashed in the sea 20 miles E of St. Abbs Head.

31/01/1940 Cpl Earnest Albert Ferris 561539 had just started an Avro Anson Mark I of 217 Squadron at RAF St. Eval when he walked forward into the propeller and was killed.

05/02/1940 Short Sunderland Mark I of 204 Squadron based at RAF Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devonshire bounced on landing at St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly and struck two swells and the float struts collapsed. The aircraft was returning from operations and the damage is Category M.

06/02/1940 Avro Anson Mark I K8746 MW-O of 217 Squadron RAF St. Eval was on a Convoy Patrol when control was lost and it dived into the sea off Bishop’s Rock. There was one survivor from the crew of four who was rescued by HMS Vimy.

22/02/1940 Westland Wallace Mk I K6015 of V Flight, 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit had the undercarriage collapse and the aircraft tipped up on landing at RAF Cleave.

29/02/1940 Taylorcraft Plus D W5782 (ex G-AFMP) of 6 Coastal Patrol Flight RAF St Eval crashed on landing.

02/03/1940 Avro Anson Mark I K8766 MW-F of 217 Squadron suffered an engine-fire on take off for a training flight. The engine was shut down and before reaching a safe height turned downwind and crashed on a single engine approach 200 yards W of St. Eval. F/O Sydney Ernest Bussey 39061 and P/O Stanley Livingstone 41592 survived the accident.

27/03/1940 Short Sunderland Mk I N9021 KG-G of 204 Squadron based at RAF Mount Batten, Devon. On photographic trials was damaged after grounding on mud at Flushing, an attempt was made to pull the aircraft off with a powerboat and the keel was damaged by cross strain. The aircraft is Category M.

28/03/1940 Hawker Henley Target Tug Mark III L3426 of 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit from RAF Cleave swung on take-off and hit a tree.

01/04/1940 Hawker Henley Target Tug Mark III L3245 of 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit from RAF Cleave ditched 1 mile N of Bude.

23/05/1940 Avro Anson Mark I K8751 MW-J of 217 Squadron overshot a night landing at RAF St. Eval on return from patrol, swung and the undercarriage collapsed.

04/06/1940 Bristol Beaufort Mark I L4483 AW-L of 42 Squadron RAF St. Eval was returning from a training sortie when due to a freshening wind the pilot undershot the approach. Struck the roof of a house and dived into a hay field 100 yards NW of the aerodrome. F/Sgt R. MacAskill 560677 was injured, F/Lt Mark Rodney Baillon 37147 and F/O Lloyd were uninjured.

05/07/1940 Avro Anson Mark I K8825 of the School of General Reconnaissance was destroyed on the ground during the evacuation of Guernsey.

12/07/1940 1715hrs 4 bombs dropped near Direction Finding Station 2 miles NW of Mawgan Police Station the bombs did not explode.

12/07/1940 1645hrs 9 High Explosive bombs dropped on the landing ground at St. Eval aerodrome. 6 exploded, 3 failed to explode the aerodrome is damaged.

20/07/1940 Miles Magister L8266 of 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit based at RAF Cleave was struck off charge for reasons unknown.

25/07/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia P9493 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron flying a night operation from St. Eval on return the airfield was blacked out, and the pilot became disorientated while low on fuel and crashed near Porthowan. P/O Geoffrey Kenneth Gout 41918 aged 24 was killed.

31/07/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia P9365 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron crashed into a stone wall during a night landing at St. Eval. Sgt William Watson Thompson 48812 was badly injured.

06/08/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia P9366 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron at RAF St. Eval was destroyed in a night landing. P/O Patrick Wilmot Horton 42128 was uninjured.

08/08/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia N3278 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron force landed at Pensilva after running out of fuel. Sgt Jozef Augustyn Szlagowski 780712 was uninjured.

09/08/1940 2330hrs 1 High Explosive bomb was dropped at Helsett Farm, Lesnewth, 3 miles E of Boscastle, in an open field.

09/08/1940 2330hrs 1 High Explosive bomb dropped at Tregulland Farm, St. Clether, 21/2 miles ESE of Halworthy Police Station in open field, 1 horse killed.

09/08/1940 2330hrs, 2 High Explosive bombs dropped at Altarnun. One in a cornfield and one in a kale field. 11/2 miles NE of Fivelanes Police station. No casualties, Telegraph wires down for about 500 yards, house slightly damaged.

10/08/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia P9468 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron made a wheels up landing at RAF St. Eval. Sgt Alan Stuart Harker 63791 was uninjured.

11/08/1940 1657hrs a message requesting help from Avro Anson Mark I K8813 MW-V of 217 Squadron was received. A number Bristol Blenheims of 236 Squadron were dispatched from St. Eval to search position 4040N 0735W but could find no trace of the aircraft. P/O Anthony Gordon-Peiniger 40904, P/O Richard Maxwell Coulman 41557 , Sgt E.K. Mellody 96983 and Sgt E. Hopperton 625352 were presumed lost at sea due to enemy attack.

11/08/1940 1 crater found probably from raid on the 9th August, at Otterham Down, 1¾ miles NW of Hallworthy Police Station. Slight damage to Telegraph wires.

11/08/1940 1 crater found at Tregulland Farm, 1¾ miles ESE of Halworthy Police House. Probably made by the air raid of 9th August 1940.

11/08/1940 1 crater found at Trewannett Farm, 11/2 miles NE of Boscastle, no damage, dropped in the air raid of 9th August 1940.

20/08/1940 His Majesty’s Trawler Resparko was sunk off Falmouth by German aircraft, gallantry medals were awarded to the crew for this action. This vessel had been commissioned in 1916 and requisitioned by the Admiralty in April 1940.

01/08/1940 1352hrs three Junkers Ju88’s dropped about 10 High Explosive bombs and incendiary bombs and machine-gunned dispersed aircraft at RAF St. Eval. 17 casualties, 1 serious, 1 hanger. No. 4 and 6 Bristol Blenheims were destroyed including Bristol Blenheim Mark IVf’s R2776 & T1944 of 236 Squadron and several offices adjacent badly damaged. 1 plane a Miles Magister destroyed, 3 or 4 other planes damaged. A few craters found in a field outside the entrance, 2 or 3 bombs on the station unexploded.

21/08/1940 Five Junkers Ju88’s bombed the Radio Direction Finding station on St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly.

22/08/1940 An air raid occurred and between 2000 & 2400hrs 14 High Explosive bombs, 2 of them whistlers and 200 incendiaries fell around St. Eval air station and landing ground.

23/08/1940 2100hrs 10 High Explosive bombs in cornfields at Eddystone Farm, on the outskirts of St. Eval air station, 2½ miles NE of Mawgan Police House. There were no casualties.

23/08/1940 2116hrs about 14 High Explosive bombs and 100 small incendiary bombs on and around St. Eval RAF Station, a high explosive bomb in the vicinity of the bomb store, 1 store building set on fire, no casualties.

26/08/1940 Two Junkers Ju88’s dropped 12 High Explosive bombs near RAF Station Cleave between 0850 and 0920hrs, 3½ miles N of Bude Police Station. Machine gunning took place. Damaging two Westland Wallace Target Tugs and causing slight damage to huts and glass, slight damage to 8 military motor buses all able to proceed, 2 civilians and 6 military personnel slightly injured.

26/08/1940 1520hrs Blackburn Shark Mark II L2375 of C Flight, 2 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit, stationed at RAF Cleave made a forced landing at Viverdon Downs, 1 mile N of St. Mellion Police House, as a result of engine trouble, no injuries.

27/08/1940 Gloster Gladiator Mark II N5901 HP-? Of 247 Squadron RAF St. Eval (for night operations) became lost at night after a patrol over Plymouth, in attempting to force land at Werrington, near Launceston it hit trees. The aircraft burnt out the pilot Sgt Robert Tudor Thomas 754426 was uninjured.

28/08/1940 0330hrs an High Explosive bomb fell at Treburland Farm, 1 mile SE of Fivelanes Police House.

30/08/1940 2130hrs 8 High Explosive bombs on Treore Farm, St. Teath, 3 miles SSW of Delabole. A farm shed was damaged, a hedge damaged for 12 feet, 2 unexploded bombs at Treore Farm 30 yards from road, traffic diverted. B3314 closed from West Downs to Poltreworgey.

03/09/1940 Hawker Hurricane Mark Ia R2680 VK-? Of 238 Squadron RAF St. Eval was destroyed in a landing accident. Sgt Frederick Albert Sibley 758073 was uninjured.

16/09/1940 2340hrs 4 High Explosive bombs and 1 incendiary bomb, in open field at Valley Tuckle, Camelford, ¾ of a mile SW of Camelford Police House, slight damage to hedge.

16/09/1940 2340hrs 6 High Explosive bombs in open fields at Tramagenna Farm, Camelford, 1½ miles from Camelford.

16/09/1940 2340hrs 5 incendiary bombs dropped on Trevenning Farm, Michaelstow, 4 miles SW of Camelford. 4 in grass fields, 1 in farmyard, 1 male person slightly injured.

16/09/1940 2340hrs 9 incendiary bombs fell in open fields on a Farm in the vicinity of 1½ - 2 miles S of Camelford.

18/09/1940 1910hrs High Explosive bombs dropped on St. Agnes Anti Aircraft Camp.

19/09/1940 Miles Magister N3858 of 234 Squadron based at RAF St. Eval missing.

19/09/1940 Supermarine Spitfire PR III Type C P9313 of the Photographic Development Unit at St. Eval was damaged by enemy action. This aircraft failed to return from operations on the 9th November 1940.

25/09/1940 1825hrs Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia X4182 of 234 Squadron RAF St. Eval caught fire and crash landed in a field at Penrose Farm, Colan, Newquay, 1½ miles NW of St. Columb Minor. P/O Ronald McKay 91227 was seriously injured when he landed by parachute.

26/09/1940 Avro Anson Mark I N9890 MW-J of 217 Squadron RAF St. Eval suffered Flak damage to the fuselage and port mainplane during a shipping strike off Cherbourg. On return it ran short of fuel and belly-landed on the beach at Rhossili, Glamorganshire. The crew were safe.

02/10/1940 0815hrs 4 High Explosive bombs dropped on the landing ground at RAF Cleave Camp, 3 miles West of Kilkhampton. 2 unexploded, one of which crashed through the roof of a Bellman hangar, machine-gunning also took place.

03/10/1940 0710hrs 4 High Explosive bombs dropped on RAF St. Eval, No. 3 hanger slightly damaged, an Avro Anson Mark I K8783 MW-A of 217 Squadron & 1 petrol bowser are burnt out.

03/10/1940 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia P9319 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron RAF St. Eval was damaged in a flying accident.

09/10/1940 1915hrs Dornier Do17 is shot down during a raid against RAF St. Eval by Sgt Charles Henry Bell 754849 of 234 Squadron flying a Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia R6621 AZ-V, which he belly-landed on return.

09/10/1940 1950hrs 4 High Explosive bombs dropped on St. Eval, 1 hut damaged.

12/10/1940 0155hrs an Avro Anson Mark I K8769 MW-Y of 217 Squadron RAF St. Eval had an engine cut, lost height and belly landed on the sand dunes 1 mile SE of Trevose Head. The four crewmen are safe.

15/10/1940 de Havilland Queen Bee L7755 of 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit crashed into the sea off Cleave.

14/10/1940 2105hrs 2 High Explosive bombs dropped near the bomb dump at RAF St. Eval, slight damage to railings. 6 High Explosive bombs in grass fields at Higher Lanherne, St. Eval. 30 incendiary bombs dropped in fields near RAF St. Eval.

16/10/1940 A Hawker Henley Target Tug Mark III L3246 of 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit from RAF Cleave has been struck off charge for reasons unknown.

21/10/1940 0250hrs Handley-Page Hampden Mark I X2962 EA-? Of 49 Squadron based at RAF Scampton force landed or crashed in open fields at Ruan High Lanes, after becoming lost & low on fuel. The crew of four is injured and the RAF guard for the wreckage is from St. Eval.

22/10/1940 Bristol Beaufort Mark I L9822 MW-? Of 217 Squadron swung on take-off and hit a truck while operating at RAF St. Eval.

26/10/1940 1630hrs Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia X4355 AZ-? Of 234 Squadron St. Eval, flown by 41944 P/O Edward Brian Mortimer-Rose force landed at Tremearne Farm, Breage, near Porthleven after a combat with a Junkers Ju88 off Lands End, his aircraft was not damaged but the Ju88 was claimed as probably destroyed.

03/11/1940 1945hrs Bristol Blenheim Mark IVf R3886 FA-? Of 236 Squadron RAF St. Eval crashed in fields at Carnanton, 1½ miles SSE of Mawgan. The aircraft is on a night flying training exercise and suffered an engine cut causing it to crash during a forced land after hitting High Tension Cables. P/O John Montague Derbyshire 42110 was seriously injured with a broken ankle and a fractured skull.

07/11/1940 1940hrs Lockheed Hudson Mark I N7295 NR-F of 220 Squadron detachment at RAF St. Eval returning from an Anti-Submarine Patrol low on fuel overshot on landing, ran through a hedge and ended up in a ditch. The crew of P/O John Douglas Mallinson 42513, P/O Percy Alan Gerard Wickman 81338, Sgt Shadwell and Sgt Sutton were uninjured but were treated for shock.

07/11/1940 2050hrs Lockheed Hudson Mark I N7291 NR-K of 220 Squadron detachment from RAF St. Eval on return from an Anti-Submarine Patrol was abandoned in the dark when it ran out of fuel and crashed at Bosene Farm, Sancreed, 2¼ miles ENE of St. Just. The crew of F/Lt Barron, P/O Harland Basil Ainsworth 78974, Sgt Hugill and Sgt E. Cook are safe.

07/11/1940 2215hrs Lockheed Hudson Mark I P5124 NR-R of 220 Squadron on detached to RAF St. Eval was abandoned while on return from an Anti-Submarine Patrol when the crew became lost. The aircraft crash-landed on Gwithian Beach at low tide between Black Cliff & Strap Rocks, 2 miles NE of Hayle Police House. The four crewmen are safe.

09/11/1940 Dornier Do 17 Werk Nummer 6201, crashed with a full bomb load in the woods of Boconnoc House and exploded after being damaged by anti-aircraft fire over Plymouth.

11/11/1940 1638hrs Heinkel He 111 dropped 3 bombs on Treginegar, Fleet Air Arm Station St. Merryn. 2 x 1000 lbs., 1 smaller, damage to 2 hangers, Squadron Offices and store. 2 aircraft also slightly damaged.

16/11/1940 1348hrs Supermarine Spitfire Mark Ia X4072 of 234 Squadron from St. Eval, crashed into the sea off Porth, 1 mile off Newquay while on an interception, the lifeboat was launched but no trace of the pilot Sgt Hugh Sharpley 743803 could be found.

16/11/1940 1350hrs an SOS was picked up by the St. Eval Direction Finding Station on a bearing of 139 degrees true. Avro Anson Mark I N9889 MW-S 217 Squadron had ditched in the Channel. The crew managed to get into their dinghy. P/O R.E. Troward 42914 , Sgt A.R. Weston 940106, Sgt Wilson and Sgt J.B. Steedman 973774 became Prisoners of War when they landed in Guernsey.

20/11/1940 Gloster Gladiator Mark II N5644 HP-? Of 247 Squadron on a night patrol from St. Eval went missing over the sea? Members of Bude Home Guard were asked to keep a look out. The aircraft was later discovered to have crashed into high ground near Okehampton, Devon. Sgt Robert Tudor Thomas 754426 was killed.

21/11/1940 Avro Anson Mark I R9701 MW-L of 217 Squadron RAF St. Eval took off on an Air Sea Rescue mission to search for Gloster Gladiator N5644 of 247 Squadron that was thought to have been lost off Kelland Head. The Anson suffered failure of the starboard engine, lost height and ditched 5 miles NE of Trevose Head. The crew of F/O Holgate, Sgt Hickson, Sgt Taylor and Sgt Cowley were rescued by the trawlers of the River Camel Patrol.

22/11/1940 Bristol Beaufort Mark I L9822 MW-? Of 217 Squadron hit a truck on take-off at RAF St. Eval.

22/11/1940 Gloster Gladiator Mark II N5649 HP-? Of 247 Squadron crashed on take-off from St. Eval it hit a dispersal pen. F/O Noel Inglis Chalmers Francis 40817 was uninjured.

23/11/1940 0557hrs Royal Naval Air Station St. Merryn was machine-gunned by enemy aircraft no bombs were dropped.

23/11/1940 0605hrs an aircraft machine-gunned a field in which an Observation Post was situated at Bodriggen Farm.

24/11/1940 0455hrs Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mark V T4216 DY-F of 102 Squadron based at Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Ditched in the sea off Start Point, Devon due to fuel shortage and being lost on return from operation to Turin, Italy. F/O H.M. Young 72478 and crew safe although Sgt A. P. Read and P/O F.G. Malion were injured.

27/11/1940 de Havilland Dragon AW170 (G-ACDN) crashed at Trewithian Farm, St. Wenn, 4¼ miles NE of St. Columb Police Station.

12/12/1940 Bristol Blenheim Mark IVf fighter of 236 Squadron N3602 FA-L RAF St Eval crash-landed on return after the aircraft was damaged by return fire from a Heinkel He115 seaplane off Ushant which P/O Graham Herbert Russell DFC 42025 helped to shoot down of which he claimed a 1/3rd share with two others.

16/12/1940 1130hrs Blackburn Roc Mark I from Royal Naval Air Station St. Merryn, crashed ¾ mile NW of St. Endellion Church.

24/12/1940 Bristol Beaufort Mark I L9851 MW-? Of 217 Squadron crashed on take-off at RAF St. Eval on a solo training sortie. The aircraft is suspected to have stalled in a climbing turn after take-off at 700 feet it crashed and burnt out near the water tower at Denzel Downs. P/O Robert Aitken Robertson 76463 RAFVR was killed.

24/12/1940 1925hrs Hawker Hurricane Mark I from 247 Squadron? RAF St. Eval, crashed in a field at Five Turnings, Mawgan, 3 miles N of Mawgan Police House.

26/12/1940 1715hrs Handley Page Hampden Mark I P2094 PL-? of 144 Squadron based at RAF Hemswell on return from operations overshot on landing at RAF St. Eval and struck a Gun Emplacement, 1 injured.

26/12/1940 1745hrs Handley Page Hampden Mark I X3030 PL-? of 144 Squadron swung & skidded on landing at RAF St. Eval on return from operations.

27/12/1940 2129hrs Lockheed Hudson Mark II T9373 NR-G of 220 Squadron from RAF St. Eval overstayed the prudent limit of endurance on an Anti-Surface Vessel Patrol. There was total darkness on the return leg, they ran out of fuel and the crew abandoned the aircraft 2 to 3 miles SE of Trevose Head. The Hudson flew on crashing and burning out at Towan Farm, St. Merryn, ½ mile N of St.Merryn Police House. S/L Arthur Eric Rogenhagen 15025 suffered a fractured arm and leg during the bailout. Sgt Lane is safe but Sgt W.E. Callaghan 623929 and Sgt J.L. Rees 751429 were lost at sea.