Crash Log Summary

In the 1970s I returned to live in Cornwall after a brief time in London. Shortly before this the Devon and Cornwall Police Forces had amalgamated and a set of four hand written incident logs had been lodged with the Cornwall County Record Office. I spent some time copying out the ledgers by hand! There were no digital cameras in those days and nothing was available on line. The logs recorded all sorts of incidents from major air crashes with loss of life to a couple of rabbits blown up by stray ordnance.

Over the next 30 odd years I have talked to people who were there at the time, I visited some of the sites and I have learnt how to look at other records to add to, or verify, events. So although the original ledgers were the basis of my research what you now see has a good deal more information included. Some of the sources I have used are military records like Operational Record books, Coastguard records, Commonwealth War Graves records, Church burial records, local newspapers and local knowledge.

Like so much on this website this is an ongoing project. There is much more out there to be found if only I had the time and I have more to add already. If you can amend or add anything please get in touch.