Site 12: Quarters WAAF

This site had accommodation for airwomen together with ablutions latrines and a laundry. It is at Victoria.

Picket Post

[Drawing No. 12404/41] (Map Ref: 494)

The same size and construction as the picket post on the station Headquarters site. A Nissen hut 16 ft by 18 ft. Constructed of corrugated steel sheeting with T-shaped (in section) arched steel ribs at 6 ft centres. Concrete floor.

The building is no longer extant. It is on private land. [2007]

Airwoman's Quarters

[Drawing No. 3472/42] (Map Ref: 495-503)

Airwomen were accommodated in these nine Handcraft huts of the same type and design as those on communal site 1. 18 ft by 36 ft each. Constructed of pre shaped asbestos troughing with seven faces giving the familiar threepenny bit shape. No internal framing. Flat asbestos sheets internally bolted to a concrete floor. Each hut had a stove which could only be lit in the evening due to the shortage of fuel and the means to transport it.

The buildings are no longer extant. They are on private land. [2007]

Latrines, Ablutions And Laundry

[Drawing No. 16340/41] (Map Ref: 504)

This multifunctional building had latrines, washbasins and laundry. The laundry had drying rooms with hanging spaces and ironing facilities.

Constructed of cement rendered concrete block with external piers at ten feet centres and pitched roof of corrugated asbestos cement sheeting Standard 18 ft steel roof trusses.

The building is no longer extant. It is on private land. [2007]

Air Raid Shelter

[No Drawing No.]

One in number Stanton type air raid shelter as manufactured by Stanton Ironworks company, Nottingham. It was capable of holding up to 50 men.

An enclosed structure of pre-cast concrete sections which bolted together to form a tunnel of the required length. The entrance was in a wall of concrete block and at the opposite end was a concrete 'chimney' for use as an emergency exit. The shelter was covered with earth to provide bomb splinter protection.

The building is no longer extant.[2007]