Site 17: Sewage Disposal No. 2

Sewer System

RAF Davidstow Moor had two sewage plants. One was at Trewassa to the north east and one at Hendrawalls to the south.

The site at Hendrawalls had:

  • Tool House - [Drawing no: 7493/40] (Map ref: 622)

  • Humus Tanks [2] - [Drawing no: 1927/42] (Map ref: 624)

  • Percolating Filter Beds [2] Rotary - [Drawing no: 1927/42] (Map ref: 625)

  • Sedimentation Tanks [2] - [Drawing no: 1927/42] (Map ref: 626)

  • Sludge Drying Beds [4] - [Drawing no: 1927/42] (Map ref: 627)

These were all of temporary brick. The site took the sewage from the Hendrawalls communal and living sites.

The tool house contained items such as spades and rakes for removing sludge and the general cleaning of humus, septic and percolating tanks.

The septic and percolating tanks were two circular brick lined tanks. The septic tank dealt with the solid organic matter which was partly digested and liquefied. It then passed to the percolating tank where further bacterial purification took place. A very even distribution was required and so rotary sprayers were used.

This site is no longer extant. It is on private land. [2007]