Aviation Crashes and Related Incidents 1939

15/09/1939 Westland Wallace Mk I K6041 of V Flight, 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit is Damaged Beyond Repair in landing at RAF Cleave.

13/10/1939 Short Sunderland Mark I N9045 KG-J of 204 Squadron from RAF Mount Batten force landed at 1830 hours owing to a lack of fuel, in the Isles of Scilly during a gale with seas of 50 feet which tore off the port wing float. Using two engines the aircraft was taxied towards a ship seen nearby before all four engines cut out. Six men were sent onto the starboard wing to maintain balance and an SOS was sent to the ship by radio and aldis lamp. Nine of the crew then left in rubber dinghies and were picked up by the ship’s boat, which had been lowered earlier. The aircraft then listed to 45 degrees and the crewmen in the wing had considerable difficulty in maintaining their position on the starboard wing. Three flares were fired but only one went off, indicating to the ship’s captain that not all the crew had been rescued. As the Dutch Merchant Vessel Bilderdijk moved around the Sunderland they collided with the aircraft which sunk immediately. The rescued airmen were transferred to HMS Icarus and landed at Plymouth after the destroyer had completed its patrol. The Sunderland crew comprised of F/L Ernest Leslie Hyde DFC 371790, P/O William Henry Tremear 40270, W/O Castle, Aircraftsman Stringer, Aircraftsman Dark, Aircraftsman Perry, 547593 Aircraftsman D.S. Lloyd, Aircraftsman Hosking, Aircraftsman Athins, Aircraftsman Arundell, Aircraftsman Marles, Lt. Carron and W/O Haley.

19/10/1939 An Avro Anson Mark I N5055 from the School of Air Navigation ditched off Bude.

03/11/1939 Supermarine Stranraer Mark I K7294 WQ-? Of 209 Squadron based at Falmouth took off for a local training flight but hit a swell, bounced, stalled and hit the water. Sgt Harrold 563890 , Cpl J.W. Jay 347747 and L/A G. Peterson 520852 were injured. L/A G.W. Bowman 520242 and A/1st Class S.C. Colbridge 570418 were killed.

01/12/1939 Avro Anson Mark I N5073 of 63 Squadron based at RAF Benson, Oxfordshire is missing on a training flight off Cornwall.